i’ve been a blogger for a while. i’ve had four sites {i think?} to this date. i’ve said, “this is the time that i’m gonna take blogging seriously.” and i have failed at that goal.

so before i dive straight in the my new mary grace says blog, i decided to write a preface entry, for you all & for myself.

what is this blog about? i’ve had “themed blogs” before, or at least attempted to. the last one was supposed to be centered around true beauty, what exactly that means, and how to pursue it. one was {sort of} directed at finding the silver linings in life. this blog has a simple focus: what i’m learning. some of that will likely again involve beauty, as body image & related subjects are a struggle of mine. some of it will have to do with relationships, another large area of my life. and some topics will be spiritual, since my faith is very important to me. there will probably be outliers as well, covering random subjects that i don’t so commonly talk about. so pretty much, this blog will be a wild card. in the sense that it will be coming from my mind. but focused in the sense that it’s all part of the process of growing & learning that we’re all taking part in.

why am i starting this blog? quite simply put, i’ve missed blogging. i deleted my other blog about a month ago but hadn’t written on it for a few months before that. and i have missed this way of interacting with people & expressing. not only that, but i3. while blogging is an outlet for me & a way that i release emotions & what i’m thinking, i truly believe that i have been gifted with a way with words that is also able to help others struggling, learning, & growing.

why should YOU follow this blog? whether we share the same challenges, lessons, world views, etc. my blog is guaranteed to provide you a new, hopefully refreshing perspective on what some call ordinary life. i hope that you can learn & journey alongside me and even share what you’re learning & how what i say impacts you.

this blog is a work in progress, like we all are. so i hope that you will be patient with me as i kick this off & see where this adventure takes us.

blessings to you all & here’s to a new beginning!


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